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Animals and Pets
" Pays Off With Petpav.com,
Pet's Best Social Network

On Petpav.com, pets aren't just welcome, they're the main attraction. And there's no danger of their profile being taken down by Facebook's pet police. Founder Lisa Fimberg launched the site because she wanted to create a social network where people and pets could connect with one another. "Petpav is all about our pets," Fimberg explains. "It's a safe and friendly place to talk about your pet(s) and the pet owners love and embrace it." Petpav came into existence because Fimberg found that other sites didn't provide the mix of information and coziness that she was looking for in her Internet quest. Fimberg was visiting websites to get advice on what to do about her cat's unruly night-time habits. She found sites that answered her questions, but realized that people who love their pets don't just want information, they want a "petwork"…one that is fun, user friendly and pet-centric. And that's how Petpav.com started. "After signing onto... (more)

Daily Devotion
What Fearing God Means
Date: Tuesday, February 03, 2015 Chapters: Deuteronomy 31-33 Message Title: What Fearing God Means Hello My Friend, The word fear means to alarm or warn, a painful emotion, but it also means something else, to give respect to or show love. As Christians, it is imperative that we learn to fear God, which sometimes does mean to be alarmed by the consequences of sin. However, most of the time fearing God means to give respect to Him, to love Him, and to live our lives fearing what would happen if God was not in it. Fearing God is the key to not only receiving God's respect, but having a great relationship with Him here on earth. Fearing God keeps us from walking into things that will cause harm to us or others, fearing God leads others to Christ, most of all fearing God is what keeps us going back to Him no matter how many times we mess up. “Wherefore we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved, let us have grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear:... (more)

Za zakonczenie historii niech ci wystarczy to, ze Lilith nie zgodzila sie opuscic Gehenny bez swoich nieszczesnych dzieci, a wszystkich uniesc w swiat Belial nie mogla. Zreszta poczwarne karykatury istot byly dla swiata zbyt niebezpieczne, jedyne, czego je nauczono, to bol i strach, ich serca byly przez nie zatrute. Lilith blagala matke tylko o to, by o niej nie zapomniala, bo byc moze kiedys... Biedna, szalona marzycielka! Wierzyla w mozliwosc powstania swiata, w ktorym wzajemna koegzystencja Ludzi, Elfow, Wampirow i Cienia bedzie mozliwa. Belial na prosbe Lilith uniosla w ramionach dwie dziewczynki, jedna z nich byla Anate, druga zmarla dawno temu, pozostajac w waszym swiecie, podlegajac wiec wladzy smierci. One wlasnie, pierworodne dzieci pierwszej kobiety, najbardziej przypominaly im Ludzi i obie wierzyly, ze dla driad tez znajdzie sie miejsce na Ziemi. Reszte historii uslyszysz jutro, jesli zdecydujesz sie po tym, co ujrzysz dzis, powrocic do mnie kolejnej nocy. wynajem... (more)

judging by appearnce
By Rev. Wayne Palmer Read John 7:14-24. (Jesus said) "... 'Why do you seek to kill Me?'" (John 7:19b) Lenten Devotion- The darkness of unbelief hangs like a thick blanket over the temple grounds. For the first half of the festival it looks as though the darkness has driven away the Light -- Jesus is nowhere to be seen. But midway through the festival He steps into the temple courts and begins shining His light for all to see. Jesus immediately addresses the reason He stayed away for the first half of the festival. He asks the religious leaders why they want to kill Him for doing a good deed. Unaware that Jesus is talking to the Jewish leaders, the crowd thinks He is talking to them. Since they aren't seeking His death and are unaware of their leaders' thoughts, they reach a false conclusion: they accuse Him of being demon possessed! When He hangs from the cross they will reach another false conclusion: Jesus was a fake and God is using the cross to show the world... (more)

nurturing needles
I sure wish I had a cigarette... Later, after I get back from Livingston.I CAN AFFORD THEM AGAIN!! I can even buy some of that nice new yarn at KnitPicks, because my SS is HERE! Yesterday, when I came home from Medwell, I found there was NO coffee, NO sausages, NO milk, and a pissed-off Hades cursing from downstairs. And that's why, folks, I "enable" him by giving him a place to stay and buying the beer. Quite frankly, it's easier on ALL of us if he's somewhat human! If only I could convince him to see a GP! I know he'd fare well in the detox center at BRMC, but how could I expect him to go there as a PATIENT when he was once one of the best nurses on CG? As I only had $3 left, Patty was kind enough to let me use her credit card.So, now I owe her $10. I splurged and got myself more Greek yogurt to take with me today. Now, when I'm waiting for the 73 Bus in East Orange on Main Street, I won't be drooling over the smells emanating from The Golden Krust Jamaican place.I strolled in there... (more)

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