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new earth individuali
zed teaching sweeps away mass production education

NEW EARTH INDIVIDUALIZED TEACHING SWEEPS AWAY MASS PRODUCTION EDUCATION Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra Brotherhood of Light 30 September 2012 Peace & Light unto thee! Ra, messenger & teacher, staff at the Darjeeling Council, forthcoming Guardian, will shed light on the conduct of instruction as the teaching method in the New Earth. To begin with, let us reflect on the education of the current context, which is still largely a mass production kind of instruction. To induce efficiencies of scale, given the scarcity of teachers/professors, crowd the classrooms with pupils/students. An evenness of instruction is applied, along a temporal track of ladder-like movement from one year level to another. The context is changing, and will in fact be so radically altered soon enough. Efficiencies of scale and profits for school owners will be catacomb stuff as rationale for schools’ and universities’ existence.... (more)

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La Comtesse deRodolstadt, Robbert Laffont, .Cette éditionreprend le texte de l’édition CalmannLévy, parue pourla première fois en . Des corrections ont cependantété apportées. Image de couverture : Fragment d’un double portraitde George Sand et de Frédéric Chopin, EugèneDelacroix, huile sur toile,? AKG. Consuelo III LXXIII Dès que le sac burberry pas cher comte Hoditz se trouva seul avec sesmusiciens, il se sentit plus à l’aise et devint tout à faitcommunicatif. Sa manie favorite était de trancher duma?tre de chapelle, et de jouer le r?le d’impressario. Ilvoulut donc surlechamp commencer l’éducation deConsuelo. Viens ici, lui ditil, et assiedstoi. Nous sommesentre nous, et l’on n’écoute pas avec attention quand onest à une lieue les uns des autres. Asseyezvous aussi,ditil à Joseph, et faites votre profit de la le?on. Tu nesais pas faire le moindre trille, repritil en s’adressant denouveau à la grande cantatrice. écoutez... (more)

Blue Collar Blues
The Beautiful People
Originally posted: Tuesday, April 03, 2007 Just proof that flattery gets you no where and it does not get you what you want! Me: Hello, how can I help? Man with strong foreign accent, kinda sounding like Borat: Hello! I want signage for my shop. It is new shop and I need some. Me: Okay Sir, do you already have signage with us?" Man: No, not at the moment but I want for my shop. Me: I'm really sorry but we can't provide any signage for you beca... Man: But I need it for my shop! Me: Yes, I understand but we can't provide it because we have already allocated the budget for this year and we are only replacing old signage and giving new signage to those who the budget has been allocated to. Man: But I need it! Listen, I help you by selling your product so you can help me by giving me signage. Me: I am really sorry Sir, but it doesn't work like that. Man: I want to speak to manager! What is his name? I tell him the name and spell it to him. Man: So Mr Ricarrdi... (more)

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Atuel PowerScan PS100
Eletrical Circuit tester

Dear Sam, I got you an automatic Atuel PowerScan PS100 Eletrical Circuit tester. The mechanic nearby highly recommended me to get this device. He told me it is a must for anyone who wants to do fast and accurate diagnostic. I cannot help getting you one. I have done some research work on the internet to find a cheapest one UOBD2 dealer who has been granted the original authorization for US$74.99. I still did not understand why some guys glad to pay a same one from other shops (like Amazon) for more than 3 times higher price. I wonder the package will arrive at your home three days later via DHL. Pls sign for it on time. Best Regards! Yours Tony July, 24th,2014 Dear Tony, Sorry for being thx late. I received PS100 tester yesterday. But I was busy using device. Thank you so much for your warm heart. The... (more)

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jiayu android phones price taking a altered approach
Ideally, your area jiayu android phones should abduction the aspect of your business. A acceptable name is addictive and simple to remember.Avoid the alarming banausic and talking too fast - which is what you're added acceptable to do if you change your bulletin everyday.There are three key companies involved with providing mobile phone services in Portugal. They are Vodafone, Optimus and TMN, which is a subsidiary of Portugal Telecom. People have the option of taking up a contract for their phones, paying a certain amount monthly for services provided, or they can opt for a "pay as you go" plan, topping up when minutes are running low. Sim cards may also be purchased separately and placed into pre-owned phones. jiayu android phones price taking a altered approach, abacus altered levels to the UI that amalgamate with new cartoon to actualize a abundant experience. Although accepting acclaim cards is a MUST,jiayu g3s it makes faculty to acquire payments via... (more)

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